Tour of the Gila: Neglecting the five Ps leads to a big F

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Conditions out of the ordinary often require preparation of the same description. But the perfect prep may not always be possible in the imperfect world of a continental cyclist, and even less so for the everyday athlete. When should we strive to emulate the pros and at what point do… Continue reading Tour of the Gila: Neglecting the five Ps leads to a big F


Quality vs Quantity: More for less or a load of BS?

With the world in and out of lockdown there’s arguably never been a more difficult time to plan and implement a training program. Restrictions have meant group rides are often off the cards and a favourite long distance training loop might be replaced by a few laps of the block. So how can we improvise,… Continue reading Quality vs Quantity: More for less or a load of BS?

Ketones. A new superfuel?

Previous Cyclist or Scientist articles have addressed the three main macronutrients involved in exercise metabolism: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. But there is a fourth fuel source, ketones, which have become very fashionable in the cycling media and generated some heated comment sections on articles citing their use in the Tour de France peloton. What are… Continue reading Ketones. A new superfuel?

Pain and Performance, Friend or Foe?

In the box, the hurt locker, the pain cave. Every athlete has ventured to these places countless times to get the most out of themselves during competition, but how much faster can one go by simply saying “shut up legs”, and are there ways get around the suffering? We’ve all experienced the burning sensation associated… Continue reading Pain and Performance, Friend or Foe?

Intra-Session Protein for Performance; Yeah or Nah?

Cycling requires repetitive contractions of big muscle groups for hours on hours, so why isn’t anyone reaching for a protein shake mid-ride? In my time working in gyms I’ve seen some a common occurrence amongst lifters – If someone’s hitting the gym for longer than an hour, a protein shake will likely be in hand… Continue reading Intra-Session Protein for Performance; Yeah or Nah?

Fuelling the engine. Competition carbohydrate consumption

Is doesn’t take a biochemist to know that carbohydrates are the MVP when it comes to fuelling high intensity exercise. But how much do we really need, and how do we know we’re putting in the right stuff? Our body has three main fuels to produce the energy required for the thousands of muscle contractions… Continue reading Fuelling the engine. Competition carbohydrate consumption